Jesse Rowes

We are the clothing company for the woman who wants a wardrobe that reflects her confidence and originality. Our pieces transition effortlessly from day to night and our lux fabrics and prints are purposefully chosen to minimize the need forexcessive styling. Clean lines and simple silhouettes make Jesse Rowes flattering forthe many variations of the female figure. All of our garments are made in Canada, ensuring your garment is made with the utmost care and quality.  Our commitment to our customers is to create beautiful garments that highlight theconfident, fun-loving woman that we dress.

Vanessa Rose Thomas

Jesse Rowes was founded in Toronto in 2012, by Vanessa Rose Thomas. Born and raised in Toronto, she began her fashion career in 2008 after graduating from the Fashion Techniques and Design program at George Brown College. Thomas’ career began in the bridal industry where she gained a command of creating garments with delicate and luxurious fabrics and intricate design details. She went on to pursue her own business venture in custom evening-wear before founding Jesse Rowes. 

 The name Jesse Rowes was created to personify the qualities of the women it is designed for; feminine, sophisticated and confident. Thomas’ vision for Jesse Rowes is to create clothing that expresses a lifestyle that is both luxurious and practical. Her designs are modern with classic elements, and feature commanding details. Thomas strives to maintain a brand that is defined by timeless style and constant reinvention with a commitment to ensuring that customer service is a signature component of the Jesse Rowes experience.